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For most people when it comes to planning your estate there is much to consider which is why you want to find the right attorney who understands your needs and concerns and is an expert in California’s estate and wealth transfer laws. The reality is when it is time to pass your assets on there are really only 3 choices

1. Create a will and designate members of your family and friends that will receive an inheritance that you have specified.

2. Pass on your assets to the charities of your choice.

3. Allow your assets to be granted to the state.

By designating how your assets are to be distributed you will asp help your family avoid the frustration and legal fees of dealing with the probate process. That is why so many individuals just like you choose to have their asset and wealth distribution outlined in legal documentation. That is where we come in. Our offices will help you get your affairs in order with the following legal services:


Wills are great way to make sure that your final wishes for how your assets are to be transferred are honored. Wills are extremely personal and can get a bit complicated so it is best that you find an attorney who is an expert in the law and is someone you feel comfortable with. We have extensive experience in preparing, executing and making changes to your will. No matter how large or small you feel your overall wealth is protecting it’s transference is important. You can rest assured that at any size or complexity when it comes to preparing your last will and testament our Law Offices


Creating a living trust is one of the best ways to protect your assets while you are still alive. By placing your assets in a trust you avoid the complexity and risk of having those assets entering the probate system. A living trust can also give you the ability to dictate complicated questions involving health care or other special needs. The state of California has some of the most complicated laws regarding probate and in some cases assets can be tied up for some time while the process is being determined. Understanding your needs and preparing your living trust to meet those needs is something we have been doing for over two decades.

Power of Attorney

In some cases it can be difficult to make tough decisions and that is where a power of attorney can help. There are all types of circumstances and reasons that people choose to have a power of attorney drawn up and executed. The power of attorney allows you to appoint a principal that can act and make decisions on your behalf. A power of attorney also allows the individual you designate to handle legal affairs and even sign legal documents on your behalf. By choosing someone you trust to have power of attorney over your affairs can help with choosing the right medical care, what to do in case of an accident, how best to manage real estate and other difficult decisions in the case you become incapacitated or otherwise unable to make those decisions yourself.

Being prepared for what happens in the future can help provide you with piece of mind today. At the law Offices of Paul Yee we work hard to help you get the legal services you need to protect your wishes and your assets for tomorrow so you can enjoy today.

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